Tuesday, December 22, 2009

DJ Profile: Steve Stracq

: Steve Stracq

Hometown: Jersey City, NJ

Favorite Bands: Suffocation, Lamb of God, Warbringer, Napalm Death, Black Label Society, Slipknot

Hobbies: Obviously listening to music (more specifically thrash and death metal, but I appreciate all music) being a nerd, baseball, working out (which I need to get back to doing!!!), being really loud and obnoxious and laughing.

Favorite WSOU Experience: 1) Getting a bloody nose only 2 minutes into the Mayhem Festival moshing and yelling at the Wiz that I’m still moshing later. 2) Interviewing Karl Sanders of Nile and listening to him yell at his dog Nola for being annoying. 3) The one night Out of Babylon got canceled after Vintage 80’s and That Guy and I turned the studio into our own concert. 4) Vintage 80’s after-parties Thursday nights at my house during the summer with my roommates and That Guy and the Jackhammer.

About: My name is Steve Stracq, and ever since I was 10 I’ve been an avid listener of WSOU. You can thank my cousin and his old death metal band for pretty much corrupting me by introducing me to the world of metal at such a young age, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. My major has absolutely nothing to do with radio (Biology/Athletic training). After a couple of wrong turns throughout college, I never thought I’d ever be a DJ at WSOU, the place I admired growing up and could always count on. But hey, you never know where life can take you. I don’t know how to sit still; I’m very loud and have abnormal amounts of energy at all hours of the day. I’m all about having a good time, and I enjoy doing what I do, and that’s entertaining and making people forget about their problems.

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