Friday, December 18, 2009

DJ Profile: The Scarecrow

: The Scarecrow

Hometown: Muskegon, MI - Respect the Mitten!

Favorite Bands: Volbeat, Devin Townsend anything, Bane, Nightwish, In Flames, Ministry, Dredg

Hobbies: Cooking, hunting Bigfoot, and constantly reminding the locals that there are 48 other states in the USA besides NY & NJ!

Favorite WSOU Experience: There's been many, but I'll go with two: 1) Getting the crap beaten out of me at a Gallows show with That Guy, The Jackhammer, Jen and Starchild in a too-hot, too-crowded basement in New Brunswick 2) doing election coverage both in the field and in-studio for the '08 Super Tuesday primaries as well as the '07 and '08 election days.

About: From the frozen north, it's me, the Scarecrow! So-named because in my sophomore year, Tiny happened to always see me on days where I was wearing flannel. It now appears that "The Lumberjack" might have been a better name, but we'll roll with what I've got. I like hockey, Metalocalypse and superheroes (Batman!). I make a good pot of chili... 4-alarm, so be warned. I also host the Campus Buzz on Sunday nights, so if you don't have your radios by 8 pm, turn them on! Contact me at or find me on Twitter.

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