Saturday, March 19, 2011

SXSW Day 3

And so the adventure continues...

Iron Maben, Stracq, Yo Gabby Gabby, The Violet Femme, and BENNY!!! have all been having a great time at SXSW. Here are some pics from the shows Stracq and Gabby checked out.

First up was Dawn of Ashes. They had a great live set, despite looking like they just came out of a slaughterhouse. They do give Slipknot, GWAR, and Mushroomhead a run for their money when it comes to costumes.

Next we watched Gaza. They were a real crowd amper, especially when the singer jumped into the crowd and started up his own pit. He then proceeded to mosh and sing simultaneously. Gabby was very impressed with his multi-tasking.

The best part of the day for Stracq and Gabby happened right after Gaza's set. Steve found his long lost metalhead twin, Guy from The Red Chord. He actually recognized and remembered Steve from their past interview. Steve grabbed a few words with him and then Gabby snapped this snazzy pic.

In the meantime, Gabby noticed Vince and Jack from The Acacia Strain chilling nearby and did one of the best, most hysterical interviews with them. We appreciate Vince's anger with everything and everyone, especially the soft spot he holds in his heart for hipsters.

By the way, in case you didn't notice, Vince is really tall.
After the epic interview, we watched The Red Chord and The Acacia Strain tear the tent down (yes, they performed inside a tent). Both bands had awesome sets and Steve had fun moshing up a storm.

Later on, Steve and Gabby checked out Miss May I and Dance Gavin Dance. Steve left to be a robot for 30 minutes at Men Without Hats while Gabby continued headbanging at Whitechapel.
The Violet Femme and Benny also checked out some cool sets from the Campus Buzz-esque bands they saw.
More pics and updates comin' at ya right here. Keep it locked to and

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