Monday, March 28, 2011

Emmure + Evergreen Terrace, Starland Ballroom, 03.11.2011

WSOU's MoJo JoJo with Evergreen Terrace

This sold out show at Starland Ballroom was very exciting for me because I was finally able to see Evergreen Terrace. I'd always missed them when they came around on tour, and I’ve only heard good things about their live show. Being able to meet this band also made it that much better, and when I finally talked to them and realized they are just fans of music and overall great guys, I knew they were about to put on an amazing show. They had a great mix for their set list and they pretty much played every song I had wanted to hear from them, including songs such as "My Heart Beats In Breakdowns," "Wolfbiker," "The Smell of Summer," "Mario Speedwagon," and "Hopelessly Hopeless," just to name a few.

The crowed was also all about Evergreen Terrace, participating in just about every song. Full of energy on stage, Evergreen Terrace did not disappoint whatsoever. I will make sure for now on that I will go out of my way to see this band again when they are in the area.

MoJo JoJo with Emmure

Emmure, wow--for a band to command this much respect and attention on stage is an amazing sight. I think I’ve seen Emmure play every time they are in New Jersey and almost every time they've played in New York City, and they blow me away every single time. I think "how can a band just keep getting better and better?", but that’s just what Emmure does. The set started with "Children of Cybertron" off the recently released Speaker of the Dead album, soon followed up by one of my new favorite Emmure songs, "I Thought You Met Telly and Turned Me into Casper" and then "Solar Flare Homicide." Both songs had every person at in the venue going nuts. After that the set list kept getting better, with "Rusted Over Wet Dreams" and "Demons with Ryu," two more of my favorite songs, which really made me think "wow this can’t get any better," which of course it did. They ended the set with the signature Emmure song "When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong," and I couldn’t have been any happier. Emmure is that band for me that no matter what, I’m going to go see them, because they consistently put on the amazing live show that seems to never give anyone in the crowd a break. They make it all worth going to see live music and keeping the scene alive.

Big thanks to Josh in Evergreen Terrace for helping me set up the picture and making sure I had everything I needed for the night.

Thanks to Emmure’s tour manager, Jon, and huge thanks to Frankie and Jesse in Emmure for making me feel right at home and inviting me to hang out on their bus before and after the show.

- MoJo JoJo

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