Friday, March 18, 2011

SXSW Day 2: WSOU showcase

So as you can tell from the photo above, the WSOU crew celebrated its 25 years of metal anniversary right here in Austin, TX at Venue 222. We had a great time hanging out with the bands, rocking out to some great music, and, of course, partying!!!

We had the whole venue decorated with our banners. It was a great sight to be witnessed.
The opening band, Beta Wolf:

Next up, Death on Two Wheels:

In between band sets, Steve Stracq amped up the crowd with some free T-shirts and his hysterical personality.

Meek is Murder:

Meek is Murder had some cool lights strung around their drum set, along with some strobe lights. Our photography did not do their lights justice.

The 4th band was Ultrageist, straight from Long Island, NY.

I caught up with them backstage after their performance. They were really funny and we had a great interview.

Everyone was really excited to see T.R.A.M. in their debut performance as a band. T.R.A.M. is an acronym for the last names of all the band members put together. Their lineup consists of members from Mars Volta, Suicidal Tendencies, and Animals as Leaders. They were pretty much a jazz fusion jam band, but the crowd and the WSOU crew really dug them.

Yo Gabby Gabby especially enjoyed hearing Adrien rocking the sax.

The last band to perform was The Faceless. They brought their heaviest and loudest set to put the finishing touches on a great WSOU anniversary show.

Towards their last few songs, a pit finally broke out. We have no doubts that it was probably led by our moshing king, Steve Stracq.

If you were at our show, we hope you enjoyed it. If you couldn't make it out to Texas, hope you enjoyed our pics and felt like you were there with us! Stay tuned for more SXSW coverage here, and
Photos courtesy of Gabby Canella

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