Tuesday, January 5, 2010

DJ Profile: Sheigh Hey Hey

: Sheigh Hey Hey


Favorite Bands: Clutch, Volbeat, Black Label Society, Mastodon, Dillinger Escape Plan

Hobbies: Music, music, music. It's my life, and I love living it.

Favorite WSOU Experience: 2-way tie: 1) The 60th Anniversary show was when I wasn't even a DJ yet. It was awesome to finally put some names with faces @ the show and meet some of the amazing and dedicated listeners that WSOU has! On top of getting a drum stick from Unearth and meeting Ivan Moody didn't hurt either! 2) My interview with Neil Fallon of Clutch... you may know that I always start my shift off with Volbeat and a TRIPLE SHOT of Clutch, so my obsession is apparent. Being able to interview Neil was hands down one of my favorite WSOU experiences because lets be honest, WHERE ELSE WOULD I HAVE GOTTEN TO DO THAT?!

About: Soon I hope to graduate from Seton Hall with my degree in Business with dreams to open my own bar or radio station someday. Catch me on WSOU for New Music Fridays, with the Top 10 and the Pirated Advance (8 pm - midnight every week!). Get in touch with me at www.twitter.com/sheighheyhey

(Up next: Joe Murray the Great - to see all of our DJ profiles, check out WSOU.net!)

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