Friday, July 24, 2009

THERE HAS BEEN AN ANTHRAX OUTBREAK! (Don’t panic, there really wasn’t an outbreak of the deadly disease)

There was so much talk, and so much hype for the end of the summer and fall for New York City thrash legends Anthrax. Anthrax, who was slated to embark on a late summer US tour with Slipknot and the Black Dahlia Murder, have dropped off of the bill, and also canceled 3 European Festival dates. This may not be the best of moves considering they are set to release their long awaited follow-up to 2003’s We’ve Come For You All, entitled Worship Music via Nuclear Blast Records. Armed and ready with new lead singer Dan nelson, who replaced former fulltime vocalist John Bush (1992-2005), the band was set to turn some heads and come back into the scene. But strangely after performing in a few US clubs and about to embark overseas, Dan Nelson informed the band and tour manager that he had become “seriously ill” (a case of Anthrax maybe???) and would not be able to perform. Members of Anthrax released an official statement about his illness and the shamefulness of canceling these highly anticipated shows. But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, because Anthrax’s manager released a statement that they would be performing at the popular U.K Sonisphere festival on August 1st to compensate for the 3 cancelations. Dan Nelson reportedly has left the band, and John Bush has stepped forward to man the mic, but only for this one time gig. This news left fans ecstatic to hear John Bush has returned to Anthrax, only to disappoint them when news was reported that he would not be full time, and they still had not fond a singer, therefore having to cancel their US tour with Slipknot. In amidst of all this, Dan Nelson decided to come forward and release a statement saying he in fact was never actually ill and he was ready willing and able to do his job. According to Nelson, the members of Anthrax decided to go forward and release these statements and cancel the shows and announce his departure without his discretion. So now what started as such an optimistic time for anthrax has turned into grammar school bickering. Guitarist Scott Ian then released a statement in an interview that the members of Anthrax did not fire Dan Nelson, rather he quit. He also stated that he was so thrilled to have John Bush return for the Sonisphere performance, and related back to the joy he felt when they performed together in Anthrax’s reunion tour back in 2007. So now, who is telling the truth and who’s being real to the other members of the band? Was this all just a ploy to get John Bush to ultimately return to the band, or was there really a lot of conflict between Nelson and other members. Whatever it may be, ‘Thrax fans are waiting, patiently waiting, for a conclusion to this ever so annoying feud.

                    -Steve Stracquatanio

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