Friday, July 10, 2009

Red Collar on The Campus Buzz this Sunday (7/12)

Hey listeners,

Raggedy Annie and The Scarecrow be speaking with Jason Kutchma of Red Collar this Sunday night @ 8:30ish on the Campus Buzz.

Red Collar hails from Durham, NC, where the husband and wife duo of Jason and Beth Kutchma eventually built their current lineup through the magic of Craigslist (Guitarist Mike Jackson) and the power of their live shows (Jonathan Truesdale). They've developed a strong following close to home, and earlier this year released their first full-length album, Pilgrim. They've toured quite a bit east of the Mississippi, and have made their

Raggedy Annie and The Scarecrow have described their sound as being somewhat "old-school". It seems to avoid sub-classification upon sub-classification ("post-hardcore-indie-core", etc.), coming across as something best described as simply "rock and roll". The Scarecrow said that if you are a fan of The Hold Steady or My Morning Jacket (or for a big name, Bruce Springsteen) you'll probably find something enjoyable in Red Collar.

They're playing two nights in the area. They're live shows are known to be energetic and stomp-worthy, so check them out if you're looking for something to do:

Monday 7/13 @ The Chesterton, Brooklyn
Tuesday 7/14 @ Piano's, NYC

Remember, Sunday night. Campus Buzz. Jason of Red Collar.

Campus Buzz starts at 7, interview will be in the 8 pm hour. Listen in!


  1. The show tonight is actually at

    The Charleston
    174 Bedford (between 6th and 7th Ave). Brooklyn, NY 11211
    Take the L train to Bedford and the place is on your left.

    This is a great place. Get $4 or $5 beer or $6 mixed drinks with a personal pizza for free!

  2. Thanks Starchild. It was a typo!