Thursday, July 9, 2009

Poison The Well

Poison the Well just released their new album "The Tropic Rot" this week. WSOU has been spinning their song "Cinema." Star Child will be interviewing the band this Friday at 11am. If you have any questions please leave a comment and remember to post your name and where you're from. If you're outside of the area, stream the interview on-line at

That night you can see the band at Terminal 5 in NYC for the 10 bands for $10 tour. Also, performing are Madball, Terror, Vision, This is Hell, Death Before Dishonor, Trapped Under Ice, Crime in Stereo, The Ghost Inside, War of Ages.

New Jersey fans will have to wait until August 8th when the tour comes to The Starland Ballroom, this time with Vision Of Disorder and The Mongoloids.


  1. Didn't Poison The Well play that great Xmas show WSOU put on in 2004?

  2. The band was scheduled to perform at that show, but didn't perform for some reason. I think because of crazy jet lag or something.