Thursday, October 6, 2011


By Victoria Haffner

Roseland Ballroom was not prepared for the pandemonium that was about to be caused by Bring Me the Horizon’s U.S Fall Tour. With supporting acts of Parkway Drive, the Architects (U.K.), Deez Nuts, and On Broken Wings, September 21st was definitely going to be a night of breakdowns and chaos.

On Broken Wings, the only American act (from Boston, Massachusetts) on the bill, opened up the show with tons of energy that would be repeated throughout the night. It was clear that the moshcore pioneers had some fans as Bring Me the Horizon watched on the sidelines with Frankie Palmeri from Emmure as well. Oli Sykes, lead vocalist for BMTH, and Palmeri lent their vocals to two different songs including “Six Hundred Cubic Centimeters”.

The Australian band Deez Nuts were up next and stood out in this tour with their distinct hardcore sound along with their unique and charismatic stage presence. The punk and hip hop influenced trio continued to get the crowd amped up for the next band’s set while showcasing songs from their albums Rep Your Hood and Stay True.
Following were Architects (UK), who played fan favorites such as “Follow the Water” and “Numbers Count for Nothing”. The Brits also performed “Day In, Day Out” and “Delete, Rewind” off of their latest album The Here, The Now.

Since their headlining tour earlier this year, Parkway Drive had not been in the states and they were ready to bring back their metalcore sound to New York City. Needless to say, I was pumped for their set and the boys from Byron Bay, Australia did not fail me. They played songs from all their albums, such as “Romance is Dead”, “Idols and Anchors”, and “Sleepwalker”--appeasing old and new fans alike. Lead singer Winston McCall was continuously amazed at the energy of the crowd and the band reciprocated with an equally powerful and enthusiastic performance. By the end of “Carrion”, their final song of the night, the crowd was thoroughly exhausted, but that didn’t matter as the final band took the stage.

I have seen Bring Me the Horizon play live numerous times in the past and thought I was prepared for the crazy antics Oli Sykes and Co. would bring—but I was wrong. They opened up their set with “Diamonds Aren’t Forever” and immediately set the tone for their set as Sykes flew into the crowd twice. With each song, he urged the crowd to get crazier until the height of the mayhem. During “Anthem“, a track off their latest album “There is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret”, the band demanded that everyone rush the stage and in minutes it seemed as everyone in the venue was on the stage singing along and often groping the lead singer. Obviously, the security guards were having a fit.

With a lineup filled with Australians and Brits—and some Bostonians for good measure—Bring Me the Horizon’s North American Tour definitely had its fair share of loud metal, mosh pits and great accents, too!

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