Monday, August 10, 2009

Eagles of Death Metal @ Webster Hall 8/6/08

California’s garage rockers Eagles of Death Metal played an impressively entertaining, lively, and sexy set in NYC last Thursday. Opening the show was New York’s Rival Schools. They got a 40-minute set. Nothing like EODM both in sound and performance, but they rocked nonetheless. While a bit of an odd opener to go with a band that is very engaging, it was nice to see a rock band with no gimmicks just playing their music. They played hits like “Travel by Telephone and “Used for Glue,” which closed the set. They also threw in a new song. It was a solid performance.

At 9:14pm, Eagles of Death Metal took the stage for what would be a night of rock n’ roll coupled with some sweet twists. Boots Electric, as the singer is known as, was so engaging with the crowd. I must say, I’ve been to plenty of shows to say that he’s one of the most engaging live performers I’ve seen next to the singers from Monotonix and Valient Thorr. He’s constantly saying “Can you dig it?,” giving out high fives to the people in the front, talking to the crowd, dancing around, and accepting gifts from fans. Boots made out great. Fans threw him an Axle Rose tee shirt, Camel Lights, and sunglasses. The Camel Lights was because he tweeted on Twitter that he wanted them in Canada because he was dying with the Canadian cigarettes. His blonde haired boy could also be seen in the back on the side of the drummer. His mother was in the balcony to. Boots said, “I shit you not, I’m nervous” because I have the watchful eye of my mother here. Every now and again he would look up at his mother. He also dedicated a song to the Butthole Surfers.

Though the band stopped after every song so Boots could do something it didn’t offset the energy of the band and the crowd still seemed excited. Opening song “Secret Plans” and “Cherry Cola” were some of the highlights of the set. The band closed the main set with “I Want You So Hard (Boy’s Bad News),” but minutes later Boots without his band came back on stage. This time he sported an Eagles of Death Metal tee shirt and a hat. He played a few solo songs before inviting his bandmates back on stage. But first he said, “I like romance,” then brought a guy and his girl on stage. The guy asked the girl to marry him. The women accepted. The crowd cheered. Boot said, “That shit was adorable and you know it. Can you dig it?”

Finally the band would play their single, “Wannabe in L.A.” and then closed with ‘Speaking in Tongues” off their 2004 album “Peace Love Death Metal.” The band was loud and rocked. Boots grabbed his boy, put him up to the mic, and said “Thank you New York and good night.” Did I dig it? You bet.

Eagles of Death Metal Setlist:
Secret Plans
Don’t Speak (I Came To Make A Bang)
Bad Dream Mama
Heart On
Cherry Cola
Now I’m A Fool
Anything “Cept The Truth
Already Died
Stuck in the Metal (Stealers Wheel cover)
Prissy Prancin’
Kiss the Devil
I got A Feelin’ (Just Nineteen)
Whorehoppin (Shit, Goddamn)
I Want You So Hard (Boy’s Bad News)


Beat on the Brat
Midnight Creeper
I Only Want You
Wannabe in L.A.
Speaking in Togues

--By Star Child

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